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Women's Health Research

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Getting Answers
The pioneering National Children’s Study, following 100,000 children from birth to age 21, will provide invaluable information for understanding the complex interactions of genes, the environment, and social and behavioral factors and their effects on children’s health.
Building Tomorrow
Women’s Health Research is committed to developing knowledge to address key issues in women’s health and the clinicians and researchers who can rapidly move discovery forward; programs such as the BIRCWH foster interdisciplinary mentorship and research growth.
Changing Lives
Our research is providing real-world information to help women with health issues in their daily lives; for example, one of our recent studies points to an association between taking vitamins early in pregnancy
and a lower rate of miscarriage.

Participate in Research

Women´s Health Research at Vanderbilt promotes the health and well-being of women everywhere by getting answers to questions that matter. Your participation in research can help to foster the discovery of new methods for preventing and treating disease. The following Vanderbilt Women´s Health Research studies are seeking participants:

The Breast Cancer Adjuvant Therapy cohort study was created to help breast cancer survivors. The study is designed to measure joint pain, quality of life, and medication adherence among postmenopausal women taking adjuvant hormone therapy to prevent breast cancer recurrence, but we also need women who have been through menopause but not been diagnosed with breast cancer. The goal is to improve quality of life and medication adherence in breast cancer survivors. Women will be asked to complete surveys or interviews and may be asked allow for the collection of biologic specimens. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer OR who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer who are interested in finding out  should contact the study at 1.800.811.8480 (toll free). Visit for more information and to see if you are eligible.

Right from the Start seeks women ages 18 and older who are attempting to get pregnant or are less than 9 weeks pregnant. Not currently enrolling.

The National Children’s Study - Davidson Partners studies women and their children living in Davidson County. The Study will build knowledge by gathering information on how we live, work and play.  Some women will be asked to respond to periodic interviews about health behaviors and pregnancy. Women may be asked allow for the collection of biologic and environmental specimens.   Women ages 18 and over and living in Davidson County who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should contact the study at 1.866.346.2684 (toll free). Visit for more information.

The Endometriosis Research Study is developing knowledge to help the more than 5 million US women with endometriosis.  Women between the ages of 18-45, with or without endometriosis, with normal menstrual cycles, not taking hormones/birth control pills, and not pregnant/seeking pregnancy may volunteer to provide endometrial tissue samples.  Monetary compensation is offered.  Contact; 615.322.4196 for more information.

Locate additional opportunities to participate in research studies at Vanderbilt in women´s health and other areas such as diabetes, children´s health, and cancer.