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Tennessee Women's Health Report Card

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2013 Highlights

Reproductive Health

  • Infant mortality continues to fall among babies born in Tennessee.
  • Pregnancy among teens is at its lowest level in decades.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

  • Syphilis rates decreased among all groups of women from 2006 to 2011.
  • Limiting the number of sexual partners and always using condoms will decrease the risk of STIs.

Causes of Death

  • There were fewer motor vehicle deaths among all Tennessee women.
  • Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular risks, and many mental health conditions can be detected early and lead to more effective treatment.

Modifiable Risk Behaviors

  • Smoking is becoming less common among women in Tennessee.
  • Tobacco use, alcohol use, overweight and obesity, diets low in fruits and vegetables, and lack of physical activity increase cardiovascular risk.

Preventive Health

  • More women in Tennessee are getting their annual flu shot.
  • Health care providers should assess women’s risk for breast, cervical, and colon cancer and recommend screenings.

Barriers to Health

  • Access to care and higher socioeconomic status are linked with better health.
  • Lower health literacy can limit participation in and getting the most benefit from health care.

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