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Additional Resources on Men's Health

National, State and Regional Reports on Men's Health Concerns

The Office of Minority Health in Department of Health and Human Services has just released a data brief that examines the characteristics of adult males who remain uninsured. Findings from the survey, which looks a uninsured men by age, race and ethnicity, also includes information on social determinants of health such as poverty and education level.  It is hoped that this report can help identify strategies to increase insurance coverage and access to care for minority adult males.  To download the report, click HERE.


Health Provider Tool Kit for reaching adolescent and young adult men has recently been developed by The Boys Initiative . The Toolkit is a groundbreaking online resource for health care providers who interact with males ages 10-26 and covers nine major health domains: healthy eating and physical activity, sexual and reproductive health, trauma, substance use disorders, mental health, developmental disorders, sexual biologic basics, normal pubertal concerns and genital abnormalities and tests and immunizations. It contains tools, methods and reference materials for screening and assessment of risk among AYA male patients.  The Toolkit can be accessed HERE.


The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network released the Status of Suicide in Tennessee 2014 earlier this year.   The Report discusses suicide trends over the past several years, including stable rates among teens, but rising rates throughout adulthood and midlife,  with rates among men in every racial group continuing to be four times higher than women.   Click here to view and download this report.


The Tennessee Cancer Coalition has issued the Cancer Control Plan for 2013-2017 outlines key initiatives and suggests ways to get involved in the important work of cancer prevention across our state.  To view and download a copy click here.


State of Aging in Tennessee. The Tennessee Governor’s Task Force on Aging has just released its strategic plan to meet the needs of older Tennesseans and their families. The Report profiles the state of health and well being of Tennessee seniors, and makes recommendations for how communities can build on effective programming, and respond to gaps and limitations in services documented in the Report. Contact the Tennessee Commission on Aging for more information.


My brother’s keeper initiative . Data from Tennessee and across the country continues to confirm that boys and young men of color are disproportionately at risk—for lower academic achievement, higher unemployment, greater exposure to violence, and worse health outcomes-- from their youngest years through the early stages of their young adult lives. Learn about a nationwide public-private initiative involving collaboration among multiple federal agencies, private foundations and corporations, to expand policies and programs that are effective in preparing and keeping young men in school, making neighborhoods safer, and increasing access to needed health services. Click here for more information.

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