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Men's Health News

Please check back monthly for news on new recources and men's health events in Tennessee.  Please let us know of events and activities by contacting:


Regional events introduce Report Card findings across the state:


Health advocates met in Memphis on June 13th, 2014 to prioritize and discuss men's health issues in the city and Shelby County.   Derek Griffith, Chair of the 2014 Report Card provided an overview of the findings on regional and racial disparities, and Men's Health Report Card Advisory Panel members from Memphis engaged with those who attended to focus on strategies for improvement. discussion in Memphis June 13

Memphis Report Card Advisory Panel members included Kenneth Ward, Professor and Chair of Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health at University of Memphis; Reverend Kenneth Robinson, MD, former Commissioner of Tennessee Department of Health and current advisory to Shelby County Health Department;  Stephen Edge, MD, Director of Baptist Cancer; and Paul Juarez, Co-Director of the Research Center for Health Disparities, Equity and the Exposome at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Memphis.  The panel was joined by Tene Franklin, Director of the Office for Minority Health,  Tennessee Department of Health.   A summary of the discussion can be found here.  The map shown on the screen in this photo is from an exciting new public health planning tool-- an interactive mapping website developed by the Center for Health Disparities, Equity and the Exposome that plots health related data, neighborhood-by-neighborhood in Shelby County.  Click on icon to download a PDF summary of the discussion.