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Biostats Seminars

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The HSR Biostatistics Seminars occur as part of the HSR Weekly Work in Progress seminar series . The biostats sessions generally take place on the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

For Information related to Biostatistics Seminars, please contact Dr. Robert Greevy at:


Fall 2016 Schedule

Unless noted otherwise, these seminars are presented by:
Robert Alan Greevy, Jr, PhD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Director, Health Services Research Biostatistics

Title of Presentation

Advances in PS Weighted Analyses(BOOM and the ATM)
Laurie Samuels, PhD Candidate, Department of Biostatistics

Propensity Score Matching In Stata:
part 9 of the propensity scores and related methods series

Thomas G. Stewart, PhD 
Associate Professor of Biostatistics 

Department of Biostatistics


A Diagnostic Model for Rotator Cuff Tears

Run Fan, MS,    Department of Biostatistics


Event Cancelled

Robert Alan Greevy, Jr., PhD, associate Professor of Biostatistics, Director, Health Services Research Biostatistics 

Selected Recorded Seminars

November 24, 2015 Presentation:  

"Sensitivity to Unmeasured Confounding - Guidance for Performing Simple 'Rule Out' Analyses"

May 24, 2016 Presentation:

PS Methods for Three Groups: Part 6 of the propensity scores and related methods series