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From the Director

Welcome to the Center for Health Services Research

The Vanderbilt Center for Health Services Research, a critical component of the Vanderbilt Institute for Medicine and Public Health, has had tremendous success since it was founded by Dr. Robert Dittus in 2000. Today, the Center brings together over 175 scientists and other professionals from across Vanderbilt to conduct research and discover workable solutions for modern-day problems in health care delivery and quality.

The goal of the Center is to find interdisciplinary solutions to improve health care outcomes for patients, families and the community. We strive to perform research and advance knowledge to create health care systems which satisfy the six criteria for patient care as established by the Institute of Medicine. This includes care that is safe, timely, effective, patient-centered, efficient, and equitable.

As you navigate the HSR website, you will find information on lots of exciting new research studies and get a glimpse into the innovative work that our faculty is doing. We are proud to be one of the institutions involved in the Mid-South Clinical Data Network, which will engage millions of patients once it is completed. To learn more about this research, please  visit

Given the current complexities of the health care system, and increasing constraints on health care related resources, the role of the Center will remain essential for the promotion of translational and health services research in the years ahead. We are dedicated to advancing research and health care delivery that improves the quality and equity of care for all.


Russell Rothman, MD MPP

Professor, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, & Health Policy                                                                                                          
Vice President for Population Health Research                                                                                                          
Chief, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Section                                                                                                                             Director, Center for Health Services Research

Center for Health Services Research
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