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Evidence-Based Practice Center

Evidence-based Practice Center

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About Our Center

In 1997, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) created a program to increase the use of evidence-based practice in standard medical care by funding 12 Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs)  to conduct research reviews for the  Effective Health Care (EHC) Program . The objective of the EPCs is to undertake systematic reviews of currently available evidence concerning various topics including clinical medicine, social and behavioral science, and economics. In December 2014, 5-year contracts were awarded to 13 EPCs including Vanderbilt.

To visit the Web sites of each EPC, simply click on the links below.

We are synthesizing scientific evidence to improve quality

and effectiveness in health care.

Getting Answers

We examine the scientific evidence about critical questions in health care to help determine best treatment options and priorities for future research.

Building Tomorrow

We offer resources and hands-on opportunities to learn the conduct of systematic evidence reviews and meta-analyses.

Changing Lives

Our projects provide patients, clinicians, and policy makers with high-quality evidence to inform their health care decision making.